Thursday, October 15, 2009

ChaLean day 10... and 40 days til 40!

Day 10 already! Now THIS is a sign that I'm into this workout: I got to bed on the late side last night, and thought I'd maybe allow myself to sleep a little later today, and exercise after work (not really an easy feat -- I generally work til about 7 pm).

Well -- I shocked myself by waking up with the alarm this morning, and found that I wanted to work out! Crazy -- but I'll take it!

In the past, I've found that I get excited by the novelty of a program (be it Weight Watchers, or a new trainer)... but once the newness wears off, I start tapering off, until I suddenly wake up one day and find that I've stopped following the program. I'm really, really hoping that doesn't happen here. I'm feeling stronger already, and I just want to keep that ball rolling. It definitely helps that I've come across so many success stories -- I want to be one too!

Also: this is turning out to be quite an investment -- not only was the Deluxe ChaLean Extreme program rather pricey -- but buying new weights can add up as well. Saying that: I caught a sale at Sports Authority this weekend: a pair of 8 lb and a pair of 10 lb weights was just $32.

I was also in dire need of new sneakers... got this snazzy pair. They'll make their debut tomorrow morning, with the Burn Intervals workout.

Updates since the last time I posted:

Monday -- day 7 -- my one rest day this week, and boy did I need it! My glutes were still burning from the previous day's workout -- definitely a good burn.

Tuesday -- day 8 -- Burn Circuit 1. My first day with my new weights (last week, I just used the workout bands) -- I liked the weights SO much better than the bands! Though I must admit, I think I went a bit lighter than I could have -- I was being overly cautious. I used 5 and 8 lbs, where on some exercises I probably could have gone up to 10.

Wednesday -- day 9 -- it was supposed to be my other rest day this week, but I wanted to add more cardio, so I did the Fat Burn Challenge that came on the bonus disc, along with "I've Got Abs". Very, very challenging! My abs muscles probably need the most work out of anything on my body (arms are a close second)... and boy, was I feeling it.

Thursday (today) -- day 10 -- Burn Circuit 2. Did slightly heavier weights today -- those 10-pounders even got some play.

I've been telling lots of friends about this program, and it's very motivating when, for example, my friend Debra emailed me, saying she didn't feel like going to the gym today, but she thought about me and this program, and it motivated her to go. Nice! In return -- that pushes ME to keep going!

Would love to hear from you... what motivates YOU?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

ChaLean day 6... and 44 days til 40!

Day 6 of ChaLean Extreme -- I've found that each day, I actually look forward to these workouts! This is really unusual for me -- I generally work out, but begrudgingly. I know I need to do it, but I'm not really happy about it. Even in the past, when I worked out with a trainer, my heart just wasn't that into it.

I promise, I'm not a salesperson for ChaLean! I paid full price for my workout, and have no affiliation with them whatsoever. I'm just pleasantly surprised how great this workout is, and how revved up I am!

So: today's scheduled workout was Burn It Off (30 minutes of intense, kick-ass cardio) and Recharge (some stretching, some yoga). I started with Burn it Off, and oh my -- did it kick my butt. Some seriously challeging cardio moves that had me gasping for air -- and I previously thought I was in decent cardio shape! Just goes to show that there's plenty of room for improvement.

I wanted to add even more cardio, so I did one of the bonus workouts that came with the packet: Turbo Jam Fat Blaster. I've never done any of her Turbo Jam workouts before -- this is fun, with a good amount of punching, jumping, etc. I was on a lower impact than she was... I think I'm also due for new sneakers!

I then did the Ab Burner workout -- 10 minutes of solid, challenging abs exercises. My middle is my problem area -- I look a bit like a TeleTubby -- so I'm going to start adding additional abs workouts every other day.

I started to do the Recharge workout, and got about halfway through -- but then the moves became more yoga-like. I already did Dynamic Flow Yoga yesterday, and decided that I didn't need that two days in a row (and the 80 minutes of hard exercise I'd already done was sufficient for today).

I don't know if it's psychological, but I feel like I'm seeing a difference in my body already! My shoulders seem to have a bit more definition, and I feel a little smaller around the middle. Overall, my muscles feel great -- I feel like I'm starting to wake them up. It's a great feeling, but I also think I need to work harder this week.

Tomorrow is a rest day -- I was really tempted to do more cardio (I'm on a roll!) but after researching a bit on line, I found that you really should give your body a day of rest after this kind of intense exercise.

One last thing! Whoo hoo, my weight was down slightly this morning! For the past few weeks, I've been fluctuating between about 141- 143 lbs -- today I weighed in at 139.8, my first time below 140 in quite a while. Yee-hah!

Time to go out and buy new sneakers, as well as additional dumbbells. If you're doing ChaLean (or any of the other workouts: Insanity, P90X) -- be sure to comment below!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I've started! 46 days til the big 4-0!

I'm very happy to announce that I finally started the fabulous CHALEAN EXTREME workout program -- today is already day four! (I was dying to blog earlier in the week, just didn't have time).

When I first decided to do this workout program, my first thought was, how will I find the time for this? My work hours can be crazy at times (I work in TV production), and I go out after work a few days a week. I'm absolutely NOT a morning person, but -- surprise, surprise! -- I discovered that if I put my mind to it, I can indeed wake up an hour earlier each day to do this. AND it's getting easier -- one day I even shocked myself by waking up before my alarm.

Days 1 and 3 were with weights -- or in my case, the workout bands that came with the program. (I bought the "deluxe" version) I've never worked out with bands before -- I'm going to try to give it more time, but I'm not loving them so far. It feels like there's just too much room for error (eg, it's too easy to have too much slack on the bands, which means you're getting a too-easy workout). My wonderful friend Debra gave me a pair of 5 lbs weights, and I'm going to look into buying others -- maybe make an investment into some cool adjustable weights. Any suggestions are most welcome!

Day 2 was supposed to be a rest day (already??) -- but I was raring to go, so I did a hip-hop cardio workout that I had DVRd from Fit TV -- the TV show All Star Workouts. Holy cow! I've taken dance classes in the past, but this was some seriously intricate choreography! You'd have to be a former Fly Girl to keep up with the steps -- but it was fun, and I still broke a sweat.

Today -- day 4 -- hard-core cardio with some light weights in the Burn Intervals workout (followed by 10 minutes of abs in Ab Burner). WOW! This was some challenging cardio! Towards the end, I had to stay on the lower impact side -- but I stuck to it.

This was an interesting eye-opener: the program comes with a fitness test to help you estimate your level of aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance -- it's a good way to track your improvement over time. I did it with my friend Debra last night -- she's very slim, and is very much into weights and boxing classes. It was interesting to see that we had very different strengths and weaknesses: I was able to do more pushups, but she was able to do the seated wall squat for quite a bit longer than I could. I'm more flexible, but she could do more arm curls.

This was most humbling -- Debra took some "before" pictures from me. Looking at these pics, I realize I have almost NO muscle tone. I'm pretty active in biking and rollerblading, but I haven't been consistent lately -- and it doesn't help that I'm carrying about 10 - 15 extra pounds.

Can't wait to see how these pics will change in the coming months!

Age: 39 (not for much longer!)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: this week -- fluctuating between 140 - 142
Waist: 33"
Hips: 38"
Abductors (just below the butt -- saddlebags): 37.25
Chest: 35.5
Right arm: 11"
Left arm: 10.75
Right thigh: 20.5
Left thigh: 20
Body fat percentage: 22.2*
* using the calipers for the first time -- no idea if I was doing this correctly.

If you're doing ChaLean Extreme (or have done it in the past), would love to hear your stories, tips, etc!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

56 days away!

There's no excuse -- I'm disappointed in myself. I've barely worked out this past month, partially because work was absolutely, completely insane -- Hudson Valley shoot, with many scout days leading up to the shoot. I let myself be swallowed up in it, without looking at the big picture, especially the promise that I made to myself to look as kick-ass as I can by 40.

Well -- it's a new day!

I think I lost part of my momentum because when the ChaLean Extreme finally arrived, it wasn't complete -- I had ordered the deluxe version, which comes with the exercise bands (to be used in lieu of weights), and was sent the standard version (DVDs only, no bands). I called to complain, and was told that an entirely new set would be sent to me.

It never arrived, and in the weeks that followed, I got sucked into work, and never bothered calling to follow up. Finally, this weekend, as work lifted somewhat, I emailed the customer service department -- so, hopefully it'll come soon.

In the past, any time I've been successful with losing weight and / or getting in shape, it was because I had something new to excite me, be it Weight Watchers (and later, the online community boards with their challenges), or just a matter of having time off from work to bike and rollerblade every day.

This time, I was excited about the CHX program -- but til that comes, I just discovered something new tonight! I was a couch potato most of the day, meaning to do a yoga workout (the iTrain yoga that I've done many times before, and was rather bored with) -- as I was scrolling through the channels, I came across the Fit TV channel. Holy cow -- one workout program after the other! I immediately starting DVR-ing a few.

I actually motivated myself to do a rather high-impact half-hour cardio workout at 9:30 pm, followed by a more mellow bellydance workout. I got so excited by this that I'm actually writing this even before I hop in the shower. I'm going to try to motivate myself to get up early tomorrow and do one of the Gilad workouts -- now that would be impressive!

So - I "lost" the last month of workouts, but I still have just under two months until I turn 40 -- I can still make an impressive difference in that time! 56 days to go. This morning I was about 141, have been averaging about 140 lately. Will do an "official" weigh-in for the week tomorrow.

I'm back!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

85 days and counting...

85 days til I turn 40. That's 85 chances to do something great for my body to look as kick-ass and confident as I can! (actually, the number of chances are infinite, but this is more lyrical).

Time for a run. I made the mistake of overeating like crazy not once, but TWICE, this weekend:
1. dinner party on Friday night -- crabs (healthy), but I went back for *thirds* on the fabulous mac & cheese. Oy.
2. bday dinner for a friend at Pipa last night. It's way too easy to go overboard on the tapas. Let's just say that my stomach protested in a big way -- rather than hanging out for pool and ping pong after, I had to dash home to be near a bathroom. Annoying.

My ChaLEAN workout still hasn't arrived in the mail, but I'm trying to prep myself for it. Did 40 minutes of iTrain yoga yesterday (my muscles are feeling it a bit today), and getting ready to go out for a one-hour run now.

Go go go!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

p90x? CHX huh? Wha...?

A few days ago, on Aug 24, it hit me: I'm going be 40 years old in exactly three months, on November 24. I certainly don't feel 40 -- and I don't think I look it -- but I could certainly look better. I'm a little squishy around the middle... my arms remind me a bit of my Grandma Millie's with the flappiness... and my butt could be tighter. This, despite semi-regular time spent on rollerblades or my bike. Emphasis on the "semi".

I thought in passing, "hm, I should really amp up my workouts NOW -- that would be the best birthday present I could give to myself, to look and feel the best I possibly can at 40!" Then that night I met co-workers for karaoke, beer, pizza and french fries.

The next day, I was having a drink with a friend, and he mentioned the P90X workout, an intense workout program that has challenged him into getting into some of the best shape he's ever been in (and yes, he looked good). Apparently, this program works on a premise called muscle confusion, "which accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and you never get bored!"

Sounds like just the kickstart I needed -- something with a finite timeline. And I took it as a sign that I had just about 90 days until my birthday, and suddenly, here's this 90-day program, fallen into my lap!

After doing a bit of research online and asking other friends, I opted for the ChaLEAN Extreme workout -- it's in the same family as the P90X, but sounds a bit more manageable. (read about the comparisons here) A friend told me that his boyfriend (who was already in good shape) started the P90X and found it to be way too intense.

So -- I placed the order yesterday, and am very impatiently waiting for it to arrive! I hope it gets here sooner than the 5 - 7 business days that was promised to me. After all, only 89 more days until I turn 40! Will wake up early tomorrow to do an hour of iTrain yoga to get started, and will do some biking, rollerblading and / or running this weekend to keep it going.

My biggest question to myself: how will I find the time for this?? Once I wrapped my head around it, I realized I had no excuse NOT to do this. I don't have to be at work until about 10 am -- I can easily wake up at about 7:30 or 8 am, get in a great workout and still get to work on time. All I need to do is make sure I get to bed by midnight or so -- that could be a challenge, as I'm fond of my late-night internet faffing -- but what's more valuable to me: yet another adorable bunny on, or fabulous abs and increased self-confidence? It's a no-brainer.

This blog started as my Weight Watchers page, and while WW remains a fabulous program, I needed something new to renew my excitement in getting in shape. I'm hoping the ChaLEAN Extreme program (which I'll refer to as CHX from this point on) will do just that.

When I last blogged here in March, my weight was 138 -- these days, it's been fluctuating anywhere between 136 and 140. My birthday goal is going to be 125 lbs, or about a pound a week. Totally do-able.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I've done WW many times in the past, and I feel that I'm falling into one of these old patterns that I've repeated many times before: after being excited about this for 6 or 7 weeks, I start to get bored with it. I slack with tracking... I don't work out quite as much... I rationalize that just this *one* cheeseburger won't hurt... and I just don't plan my meals as well.

Time to turn around that attitude! I gained .6 this week, but know it could have been worse. And as of today, I'm down 8.2 lbs -- I'm feeling great about that, but I have at least another 10 to go. I just need to convince myself that I CAN do this, and this IS worth fighting for.

This point is rather difficult -- I feel that I do look "okay" right now. I'm not fat... but I'm not exactly slim either. It's too easy at times to think, "well, *okay* is good enough... isn't it?". But it's really not... I don't want to just feel "okay" with the way I look -- I want to be excited when I look in the mirror, and feel confident and sexy and slim. That's why I need to keep going with this -- need to make that my new mantra.

This week's goals!
* work out at *least* five times this week -- the weeks when I've done a few kick-ass treadmill runs have always been my most successful.
* I'm a foodie, and if I'm someplace known for its, say, fried chicken -- I tend to feel that I *have* to try that specialty. I need to convince myself: does the fried chicken really taste *that* good? Doesn't the feeling of dropping that extra pound, and feeling my jeans get looser, outweigh (ha) the momentary taste of something good?

Will try to keep these in mind. Seriously.

Another thing -- I'm very social -- I tend to go out several nights a week with friends or on a date. It's hard NOT to revolve that around food and / or drinking. But I'm trying. A few recent non-food / drink alternatives:
* A and I thought about going out to dinner a few weeks ago (she's also on WW) -- instead, we decided to do a power walk from the west village to the lower east side for steamed dumplings. (8 dumplings each @ 1 pt a piece). And a total of at least two hours of walking.

* Dancing! I recently planned a night out with a big group of friends at Mehanata -- we had a blast, and danced up a sweaty storm. Must do that more often.

* Ping pong! Surprisingly, I find that I can work up quite a sweat with a vigorous game of ping pong. Love this place in the west village, the Fat Cat. (warning: it's crazy crowded on weekends)

Any suggestions, pep talks, etc you have are always welcome!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mixed feelings

I was just about to blog about how I was thrilled that I was down 1.4 at yesterday's WI (total of 8.8)... when I just stumbled across my progress pictures. I took those over a month ago at 139.8... and I was just disappointed to realize that I've only lost 2 lbs since then.

I know, I know... be happy with ANY loss. And I know that some weeks there won't even BE a loss -- like those two weeks when I gained one week, then stayed the same the next. And I KNOW I need to be happy about being down 8.8 lbs... that first 10 lb mark is just around the corner!

I do already feel slimmer and more confident.... why can't I just be happy with that, and use that as incentive to keep going?

With that in mind -- I'm going to grab this kooky spring-like day, and do the longest bike ride I can possibly do. It's already 61 degrees out! Actually... my muscles might need to take it easy today -- yesterday I did a really tough one-hour iTrain run outside, and my quads are singing the blues today. It makes perfect sense, but just didn't occur to me, that running outside is much harder than running on the treadmill -- harder impact, and you don't have the motion of the treadmill pushing you along.

Have a great day! Would love to hear your stories... what keeps you excited about your weight loss journey when things are moving slowly?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whoo hoo! Down 2 lbs this week.

Just a quick one -- running so behind with my day. Must get to gym v. soon, then meeting a friend for a late afternoon movie.

Yay... down 2 lbs this week! I wasn't tracking / eating *perfectly*, but I think I made a few good decisions that made a difference:
* one night, I did a two-hour power walk with a friend from the West Village to the Lower East Side -- we got 8 steamed dumplings each (1 pt each), and walked back. Earlier in the week, we had considered going out to dinner on this night, chose the walk instead. (she's also on WW)

* I have a gym membership, but there's also a small gym in my office building -- really NO excuse not to exercise! I had dinner plans last night, but felt that if I had a chance of showing a loss this week, I HAD to do some time on the treadmill (otherwise, it was a pretty light week of exercise).

I managed to do 42 min on the treadmill (ran 3.75 miles), took a quick shower, and still made it to my dinner plans roughly on time. It was proof that I have to do that more often!

More later...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ok, seriously...

Once again... another week where my mind really wasn't into this. I did a half-assed job of tracking points... but even then, only if they were "good" points. The day my office ordered in a boatload of creamy Indian food for lunch? I didn't bother.

I'm actually lucky that I didn't gain this week -- my weight stayed exactly the same, at 141. I have to try to get back that same enthusiasm that I had the first two weeks, when I lost 6.6 lbs. I think for the two weeks after that, there was a delusional part of me that thought that if I SAY to myself that I'm on WW, and I write *some* of the points, then I'll have the same success. Duh, it doesn't work that way!

I am going to have a kick-ass week -- I am going to make sure of it! I already know that I'm facing a few challenges (a shoot day... dinner out with family) -- I just need to deal with those challenges in an appropriate manner.

One thing I'm slightly happy about -- my goal was to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks, and so far I'm on track. But time is catching up with me very quickly, and I need to jump-start this thing!

Time for the gym... as always, any suggestions / words of advice are most welcome!

ps. I almost forgot to add! I spotted one of my favorite WW bloggers at my meeting yesterday -- the very stylin' Sheryl, of the Bitch Cakes blog (mmm, cake...). Sheryl, so nice to meet you ... you're an inspiration!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fell off the wagon -- back up to 141

Oh harrumph... I was going to blog a few days ago about feeling lazy about WW this week, but was too lazy to even do that much. As a result of this week's wagon-falling: I gained 1.2 lbs.

I knew it would be a tough week, as I had two shoot days that would involve eating at a Korean restaurant, some Chinese food stalls, and a locavore-type place in Williamsburg. But then again... I had two shoot days last week as well, and still managed to lose weight. The difference: last week I got in 5 workouts, and this week, only one.

There were even two nights this week when I was fully set to go to the gym -- on one night, I even had my gym clothes on! -- but still flaked out. Was very angry with myself... last week, I had that same feeling of wanting to flake out on the gym, but went anyway.

A friend just joined WW today, and we'll be going to meetings together, so hopefully that will be encouraging. And it turns out that a guy acquaintance also goes to the same Sat 11:30 am meeting. We all went for a healthy brunch after the meeting today, and helped calculate each others points.

Wish me luck! Would love your tips... what do you do when you don't feel like tracking, or going to the gym? What keeps you motivated?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Progress pics: 139.8

Pics taken today, Saturday, Feb 7, 2009. I feel like I look just a *little* less fleshy, maybe a little smaller than my pics from two weeks / 6.6 lbs ago. But I still have a way to go -- looking forward to getting rid of that back fat and getting some muscle definition.

Probably the only good thing about having a few extra pounds was the fact that my breasts were fuller -- I'm disappointed that they're starting to get smaller! I'm a small-to-average B-cup -- with those few extra pounds, I was happy with the cleavage I was sporting.

Will try to update the pics every 5 lbs or so.

Holy crap! HELLOOOOooo 130s!

I was NOT expecting this today!

According to my home scale, I was 141 this morning -- I thought if the scale was the same at the WW center, I'd be perfectly happy with that. That would mean a 2 lb loss this week, despite not-perfect eating (though I did have four good workouts this week).

Nope -- different numbers at the WW meeting. Rather than the 141 I was expecting, I weighed in at 139.8 -- a loss of 3.2 this week! (huh??!!!) Total loss of 6.6 lbs in the past two weeks -- holy cow! I am THRILLED with this!

I know, I know... I can't keep expecting to lose 3 lbs each week, and I have to accept that it will probably slow down soon. As long as I can keep losing at least a pound a week, I'll be happy.

In today's meeting, one of the other members was bummed that he gained .4 this week -- but overall, he was down about 12 lbs. The leader reminded him to look at the big picture -- but I can understand how disappointing that would be. You want that constant visual encouragement in your little WW book.

Another challenging week ahead - more food shoots. Back to that Korean seafood restaurant in Queens - it's all steamed seafood, so it's not so bad. Instead of butter for your lobster, they have chili paste and kimchi -- healthy.

Then to this food mall in Flushing -- I am SO excited to try the lamb burgers, halfway down:

Then to some cool hipster-type place in Williamsburg -- may or may not eat there, depending on how busy it is.

Would love to hear your stories! How are you doing this week? Care to share any success stories, challenges, tips?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Uh oh...

I've fallen off the WW boat, and really need to get back on.

Mon, Tues and Wed of this week -- no tracking of points at all. The food / travel TV show I work for has been shooting in the outer boroughs this week, and while I probably didn't overload the way I would have in the past, I'm concerned that I won't register a loss this week. But I still have a few days to change that, right?

Monday -- crazy big Korean seafood lunch in Queens -- I mean, BIG cauldrons of lobster, clams, octopus, mussels. I made myself do some yoga that night.

Tuesday -- ack -- soul food in the Bronx. Ribs, BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, sweet potatoes. Then later, a chicken patty from a Jamaican place. BUT then that night I ran 5.3 miles on the treadmill... has to count for something, right?

Wednesday, today -- Grimaldi's pizza in Brooklyn, one of the best. Later, two authentic Mexican tacos in Bushwick (still Brooklyn). Thought about going to the gym, but was too sleepy.

Speaking of... MUST get to bed soon so I can do a pre-work workout. Not easy for me, as I'm so not a morning person, but I have to make the attempt if the scale is going to move down this week. Then after work, a work-related cocktail / appetizer thing at a New Zealand restaurant.

I love my job, but it's not easy to lose weight while I have these shoot days! Luckily, only a few more shoot days this month.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 1 wrapup: down 3.4 lbs!!

Yay! I had a feeling my weight would be down, but I wasn't anticipating 3.4 lbs!! Big happy dance!

I can't help but think that part of it is because my weight was especially high last week due to mid-cycle bloating ... or heavier clothes... or... whatever. Anyway, I'll take it! And now the challenge: to keep this ball rolling.

I have a challenging week ahead -- as I've mentioned before, I work for a food / travel TV show. (if you want to know which one, write to me separately... I don't want any searches for the show bringing people back here). I'm going to be scouting in Queens and Staten Island tomorrow... then shooting in the Bronx and Brooklyn Tues and Wed. Will be around amazing, tempting food the whole time.

My game plan: have a healthy, protein-filled breakfast before heading out. Don't stress out about lunch during the shoot -- just try to make good choices. (eg, I do NOT need to eat a Jamaican beef patty again... I tried it last week when I was scouting, and yes, I know it's good -- but they're also 10 - 12 pts each!) Then a healthy dinner, and hopefully the gym each night.

This week's goal: gym 4 - 5 times. And keep tracking points, no matter how high they get. (I tend to use avoidance when it comes to this)

Any words of advice are welcome!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tomorrow will be my first WI since re-joining WW last Sunday... I'm really nervous. Even though I did well most of the week and worked out 4 times, I feel like I ate too much last night and today. Points went WAY out the window both days.

I had a few "good" moments: at dinner last night (at Miranda, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn -- the owners are lovely, and the food is excellent!) -- I managed to take only half a piece of focaccia from the bread service, rather than several pieces. My friend and I shared apps and mains, and passed on dessert.

Then today -- I had lunch with a friend at Ippudo, one of many new ramen restaurants in the east village. Man, it was delicious! Big bowls of perfect ramen -- unfortunately, unlike many other ramen places, this was super-heavy on the noodles, and light on the veg. I didn't realize how full I was until I walked home.

THEN tonight, I had a few friends over for dinner. Lots of baby carrots and hummus. A pretty healthy spinach salad, with this dressing. Brilliant! I don't recall seeing many other salad dressings in a pump bottle, but it made me think, WHY don't I see this more often??! Oh, then after the salad, some leftover moussaka and pastries my friend Lisa brought.

Anyway. Trying to balance my foodiness with WW -- I think I just need to start cooking more.

By the way, if you have a weight loss blog, or just any stories to share -- please do comment! I love hearing about your successes, what works, what doesn't ... and just a little bit about you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snacky-monster, desserts, workout

Started off great -- same breakfast as yesterday -- my new favorite breakfast of whole wheat toast*, hard boiled egg whites and Laughing Cow cheese -- 4 pts. *the bread I'm using is this hearty Balthazar bread -- I have 2 huge loaves of it in my freezer, and I'm waiting to use it up before I go out and buy WW or other low-point bread.

By the afternoon, I was in a hella-PMSy mood -- all I wanted to do was snack! Luckily, I only had healthy stuff around: had a 2-pt bag of WW multigrain crisps... an apple ... some grapes... I also have a big bag of Baked Lay's in my desk drawer and checked out the label: 10 chips = 2 pts. I opted for ONE single chip, and made it last! (I know, I should just get rid of those to avoid temptation)

AND... this was big for me: I had a potluck dinner party on Sat (the day before I started WW), and had all these fabulous leftover homemade desserts in my fridge. Brought them into the office today, and resisted temptation to have any... until there was just one bite of berry crumble left, so I gave in to that. The "old" me would have had a piece of each, and would have kept picking away all day.

Another thing to be proud of: I knew I had to go to the gym tonight, but was feeling super-lazy. Even procrastinated leaving the office. But I finally did it! I did a one-hour iScupt session -- I really need to start working out with weights more, and I know I'm going to feel this tomorrow.

I've done WW on and off many times over the past 10 years -- each time I was truly successful with it (maybe 2-3 times?) it was because I had a new "gimmick". The first time it was just the whole points system, and the "newness" of it... another time it was because I had the community boards on the WW website, and the accountability that brought.

This time? I feel like it's this blog! I WANT to see that little dragonfly (up above) fly to the right! This is the first time I've started to check out other people's WW blogs, and I'm inspired by their little flying scales, flowers, etc!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

146 lb pics.... and Jamaican food

So -- I'm a spaz, and can't figure out how to get the pics on the left, and the words on the right -- I thought I hit the right button. Anyway. Pics from this week! I usually don't wear glasses, but was on this day... and they were still a bit tinted from being outside.

Oh my... those shorts might be just a *little* too tight for me -- anyway, they'll be looser soon enough! They're my favorite treadmill shorts -- I really can't run on the treadmill in workout pants, I just get too hot.

Third day on WW – started off great: 2 hard-boiled egg whites on hearty whole wheat toast (Balthazar bread) with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese – I think the bread must be about 3 pts, for a total of 4. Very filling.

THEN… yesterday I mentioned that I was going to be scouting some restaurants in the Bronx for work (I work for a food / travel TV show) – and I had a feeling the Jamaican place would be tough. They were rumored to have great jerk shrimp (not too bad), as well as excellent beef patties (I LOVE these – but they’re about 10 – 12 pts each!).

I didn’t do as well as I could have – but I didn’t scarf down as much as I would have in the past. Shared both with a co-worker.

Later had a small amount of leftover pesto pasta (really should have measured it), with a boatload of broccoli. Met friends for a drink, and stuck to just ONE vodka / soda (2 pts), and drank water the rest of the time.

I will be SO psyched to see the changes in pics to come!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Win a food scale!

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Day 2

I just took a few "before" pics... will get around to (reluctantly) posting them soon. I recall hearing from people who were successful with their weight loss that they'd wished they had taken before pics, so they could see how far they had come. Soon.

Yay for day two OP! Except that I'm not feeling so proud of my workout tonight -- I ran 5 miles yesterday and was a bit achy today. Decided to take a break from running, and took a pilates class. I've only taken pilates once before -- that last time, it was a challenging class. This one wasn't. Still, it's better than nothing, right?

I know, I could have exercised more afterwards -- but I hadn't eaten much today, and was hungry and just wanted to get home to eat. Will have to make sure I have some almonds or something an hour or so before the gym so that doesn't happen again.

Tomorrow won't be easy: I work for a food / travel TV show, and I'm going scouting in the Bronx, including a place that supposedly has amazing Jamaican beef patties. I LOVE those... but not sure it's worth the 10 - 12 points each. Hm, I wonder if I have the willpower to just take one bite...?

Question for anyone reading this: do you reward yourself regularly for your losses? One time I was on WW I made a list of non-food rewards I'd give myself for every 5 lbs lost: a bunch of flowers, a new workout top, a pedicure. Need to come up with a new list! Suggestions?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good workout / day one

I did it! Had a successful first day back on WW -- 19 points. Especially proud of myself since I have a fridge full of fabulous food, leftover from a potluck dinner party last night. I froze whatever I could, and am taking my time eating the rest -- eg, lunch was one cup of pasta with pesto, to which I added a boatload of broccoli.

AND I dragged myself to the gym -- on a day like this when I have no other plans, I find that I sit around in my gym clothes all day. Finally got myself to go to the gym at 8:30 pm. Yay, did 57 minutes on the treadmill, resulting in 5.1 miles. Will do a shorter run tomorrow, but add weight training. If you've never done it before, iTrain is a godsend.

So far I've managed to resist the leftover homemade fabulous desserts in the fridge: carrot cake, apple cake and a berry crumble. Might have to donate those to the office tomorrow.

Back on WW! 146.4

Today's weight: 146.4.

WOW! I did NOT expect my WI to be that high! For the past few weeks, I've been feeling my weight going up, but kept attributing it to PMS. (um, PMS for a whole month? Denial, anyone?) More denial: I genuinely thought my jeans were getting tighter because they REALLY shrunk in the wash!

Today was the moment of truth, as I returned to a Weight Watchers meeting for the first time in about 2 years. (Wow, it's all computerized now... it's about time!) I first went to WW in, I think 1999 or 2000. A few people in my office were doing it, and I thought, sure, I'd love to lose 10 lbs or so.

At that time I started at 141, and gradually made my way to 128 -- I looked great (those are still some of my favorite pictures, from that time). Stopped going to meetings, wavered in the 130s on and off for years. Several times back to WW throughout the years. Up. Down. And I'm back again!

When I weighed in today I expressed shock that my weight was that high to the woman weighing me in -- she said to me, "that's the last time you'll see that number". Those simple words meant so much to me! I know... this program DOES work! And since I'm spending the money to do this even though I'm trying to be frugal these days, I really have to make the effort to make it work!

I know -- to some people, wanting to lose 20 lbs isn't all that much. But considering all three of my sisters are overweight (two are morbidly obese) -- I want to take care of this NOW, before my weight creeps up and I'm in the same boat as them.

So -- trying for a 10 lb journey at a time. A pound a week. I welcome any comments, words of suggestion, stories, etc!