Thursday, October 15, 2009

ChaLean day 10... and 40 days til 40!

Day 10 already! Now THIS is a sign that I'm into this workout: I got to bed on the late side last night, and thought I'd maybe allow myself to sleep a little later today, and exercise after work (not really an easy feat -- I generally work til about 7 pm).

Well -- I shocked myself by waking up with the alarm this morning, and found that I wanted to work out! Crazy -- but I'll take it!

In the past, I've found that I get excited by the novelty of a program (be it Weight Watchers, or a new trainer)... but once the newness wears off, I start tapering off, until I suddenly wake up one day and find that I've stopped following the program. I'm really, really hoping that doesn't happen here. I'm feeling stronger already, and I just want to keep that ball rolling. It definitely helps that I've come across so many success stories -- I want to be one too!

Also: this is turning out to be quite an investment -- not only was the Deluxe ChaLean Extreme program rather pricey -- but buying new weights can add up as well. Saying that: I caught a sale at Sports Authority this weekend: a pair of 8 lb and a pair of 10 lb weights was just $32.

I was also in dire need of new sneakers... got this snazzy pair. They'll make their debut tomorrow morning, with the Burn Intervals workout.

Updates since the last time I posted:

Monday -- day 7 -- my one rest day this week, and boy did I need it! My glutes were still burning from the previous day's workout -- definitely a good burn.

Tuesday -- day 8 -- Burn Circuit 1. My first day with my new weights (last week, I just used the workout bands) -- I liked the weights SO much better than the bands! Though I must admit, I think I went a bit lighter than I could have -- I was being overly cautious. I used 5 and 8 lbs, where on some exercises I probably could have gone up to 10.

Wednesday -- day 9 -- it was supposed to be my other rest day this week, but I wanted to add more cardio, so I did the Fat Burn Challenge that came on the bonus disc, along with "I've Got Abs". Very, very challenging! My abs muscles probably need the most work out of anything on my body (arms are a close second)... and boy, was I feeling it.

Thursday (today) -- day 10 -- Burn Circuit 2. Did slightly heavier weights today -- those 10-pounders even got some play.

I've been telling lots of friends about this program, and it's very motivating when, for example, my friend Debra emailed me, saying she didn't feel like going to the gym today, but she thought about me and this program, and it motivated her to go. Nice! In return -- that pushes ME to keep going!

Would love to hear from you... what motivates YOU?


  1. Hey Diane, I just started doing Chalean too this week. I've done my Burn 1 and Burn 2 so it's my first Cardio and Abs one tonight. I'm going pretty heavy with my weights eg 26lbs for the sumo squat ones but it is manageable and I'm really feeling the fail on the 10 / 11th rep.

    Great to see someelse is doing it!

    Amy :o)

  2. Hi Diane!

    How are you doing lately? Love CLE, this program can get results, so keep going! If you need help, make sure to email me!