Saturday, March 14, 2009


I've done WW many times in the past, and I feel that I'm falling into one of these old patterns that I've repeated many times before: after being excited about this for 6 or 7 weeks, I start to get bored with it. I slack with tracking... I don't work out quite as much... I rationalize that just this *one* cheeseburger won't hurt... and I just don't plan my meals as well.

Time to turn around that attitude! I gained .6 this week, but know it could have been worse. And as of today, I'm down 8.2 lbs -- I'm feeling great about that, but I have at least another 10 to go. I just need to convince myself that I CAN do this, and this IS worth fighting for.

This point is rather difficult -- I feel that I do look "okay" right now. I'm not fat... but I'm not exactly slim either. It's too easy at times to think, "well, *okay* is good enough... isn't it?". But it's really not... I don't want to just feel "okay" with the way I look -- I want to be excited when I look in the mirror, and feel confident and sexy and slim. That's why I need to keep going with this -- need to make that my new mantra.

This week's goals!
* work out at *least* five times this week -- the weeks when I've done a few kick-ass treadmill runs have always been my most successful.
* I'm a foodie, and if I'm someplace known for its, say, fried chicken -- I tend to feel that I *have* to try that specialty. I need to convince myself: does the fried chicken really taste *that* good? Doesn't the feeling of dropping that extra pound, and feeling my jeans get looser, outweigh (ha) the momentary taste of something good?

Will try to keep these in mind. Seriously.

Another thing -- I'm very social -- I tend to go out several nights a week with friends or on a date. It's hard NOT to revolve that around food and / or drinking. But I'm trying. A few recent non-food / drink alternatives:
* A and I thought about going out to dinner a few weeks ago (she's also on WW) -- instead, we decided to do a power walk from the west village to the lower east side for steamed dumplings. (8 dumplings each @ 1 pt a piece). And a total of at least two hours of walking.

* Dancing! I recently planned a night out with a big group of friends at Mehanata -- we had a blast, and danced up a sweaty storm. Must do that more often.

* Ping pong! Surprisingly, I find that I can work up quite a sweat with a vigorous game of ping pong. Love this place in the west village, the Fat Cat. (warning: it's crazy crowded on weekends)

Any suggestions, pep talks, etc you have are always welcome!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mixed feelings

I was just about to blog about how I was thrilled that I was down 1.4 at yesterday's WI (total of 8.8)... when I just stumbled across my progress pictures. I took those over a month ago at 139.8... and I was just disappointed to realize that I've only lost 2 lbs since then.

I know, I know... be happy with ANY loss. And I know that some weeks there won't even BE a loss -- like those two weeks when I gained one week, then stayed the same the next. And I KNOW I need to be happy about being down 8.8 lbs... that first 10 lb mark is just around the corner!

I do already feel slimmer and more confident.... why can't I just be happy with that, and use that as incentive to keep going?

With that in mind -- I'm going to grab this kooky spring-like day, and do the longest bike ride I can possibly do. It's already 61 degrees out! Actually... my muscles might need to take it easy today -- yesterday I did a really tough one-hour iTrain run outside, and my quads are singing the blues today. It makes perfect sense, but just didn't occur to me, that running outside is much harder than running on the treadmill -- harder impact, and you don't have the motion of the treadmill pushing you along.

Have a great day! Would love to hear your stories... what keeps you excited about your weight loss journey when things are moving slowly?