Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whoo hoo! Down 2 lbs this week.

Just a quick one -- running so behind with my day. Must get to gym v. soon, then meeting a friend for a late afternoon movie.

Yay... down 2 lbs this week! I wasn't tracking / eating *perfectly*, but I think I made a few good decisions that made a difference:
* one night, I did a two-hour power walk with a friend from the West Village to the Lower East Side -- we got 8 steamed dumplings each (1 pt each), and walked back. Earlier in the week, we had considered going out to dinner on this night, chose the walk instead. (she's also on WW)

* I have a gym membership, but there's also a small gym in my office building -- really NO excuse not to exercise! I had dinner plans last night, but felt that if I had a chance of showing a loss this week, I HAD to do some time on the treadmill (otherwise, it was a pretty light week of exercise).

I managed to do 42 min on the treadmill (ran 3.75 miles), took a quick shower, and still made it to my dinner plans roughly on time. It was proof that I have to do that more often!

More later...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ok, seriously...

Once again... another week where my mind really wasn't into this. I did a half-assed job of tracking points... but even then, only if they were "good" points. The day my office ordered in a boatload of creamy Indian food for lunch? I didn't bother.

I'm actually lucky that I didn't gain this week -- my weight stayed exactly the same, at 141. I have to try to get back that same enthusiasm that I had the first two weeks, when I lost 6.6 lbs. I think for the two weeks after that, there was a delusional part of me that thought that if I SAY to myself that I'm on WW, and I write *some* of the points, then I'll have the same success. Duh, it doesn't work that way!

I am going to have a kick-ass week -- I am going to make sure of it! I already know that I'm facing a few challenges (a shoot day... dinner out with family) -- I just need to deal with those challenges in an appropriate manner.

One thing I'm slightly happy about -- my goal was to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks, and so far I'm on track. But time is catching up with me very quickly, and I need to jump-start this thing!

Time for the gym... as always, any suggestions / words of advice are most welcome!

ps. I almost forgot to add! I spotted one of my favorite WW bloggers at my meeting yesterday -- the very stylin' Sheryl, of the Bitch Cakes blog (mmm, cake...). Sheryl, so nice to meet you ... you're an inspiration!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fell off the wagon -- back up to 141

Oh harrumph... I was going to blog a few days ago about feeling lazy about WW this week, but was too lazy to even do that much. As a result of this week's wagon-falling: I gained 1.2 lbs.

I knew it would be a tough week, as I had two shoot days that would involve eating at a Korean restaurant, some Chinese food stalls, and a locavore-type place in Williamsburg. But then again... I had two shoot days last week as well, and still managed to lose weight. The difference: last week I got in 5 workouts, and this week, only one.

There were even two nights this week when I was fully set to go to the gym -- on one night, I even had my gym clothes on! -- but still flaked out. Was very angry with myself... last week, I had that same feeling of wanting to flake out on the gym, but went anyway.

A friend just joined WW today, and we'll be going to meetings together, so hopefully that will be encouraging. And it turns out that a guy acquaintance also goes to the same Sat 11:30 am meeting. We all went for a healthy brunch after the meeting today, and helped calculate each others points.

Wish me luck! Would love your tips... what do you do when you don't feel like tracking, or going to the gym? What keeps you motivated?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Progress pics: 139.8

Pics taken today, Saturday, Feb 7, 2009. I feel like I look just a *little* less fleshy, maybe a little smaller than my pics from two weeks / 6.6 lbs ago. But I still have a way to go -- looking forward to getting rid of that back fat and getting some muscle definition.

Probably the only good thing about having a few extra pounds was the fact that my breasts were fuller -- I'm disappointed that they're starting to get smaller! I'm a small-to-average B-cup -- with those few extra pounds, I was happy with the cleavage I was sporting.

Will try to update the pics every 5 lbs or so.

Holy crap! HELLOOOOooo 130s!

I was NOT expecting this today!

According to my home scale, I was 141 this morning -- I thought if the scale was the same at the WW center, I'd be perfectly happy with that. That would mean a 2 lb loss this week, despite not-perfect eating (though I did have four good workouts this week).

Nope -- different numbers at the WW meeting. Rather than the 141 I was expecting, I weighed in at 139.8 -- a loss of 3.2 this week! (huh??!!!) Total loss of 6.6 lbs in the past two weeks -- holy cow! I am THRILLED with this!

I know, I know... I can't keep expecting to lose 3 lbs each week, and I have to accept that it will probably slow down soon. As long as I can keep losing at least a pound a week, I'll be happy.

In today's meeting, one of the other members was bummed that he gained .4 this week -- but overall, he was down about 12 lbs. The leader reminded him to look at the big picture -- but I can understand how disappointing that would be. You want that constant visual encouragement in your little WW book.

Another challenging week ahead - more food shoots. Back to that Korean seafood restaurant in Queens - it's all steamed seafood, so it's not so bad. Instead of butter for your lobster, they have chili paste and kimchi -- healthy.

Then to this food mall in Flushing -- I am SO excited to try the lamb burgers, halfway down:

Then to some cool hipster-type place in Williamsburg -- may or may not eat there, depending on how busy it is.

Would love to hear your stories! How are you doing this week? Care to share any success stories, challenges, tips?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Uh oh...

I've fallen off the WW boat, and really need to get back on.

Mon, Tues and Wed of this week -- no tracking of points at all. The food / travel TV show I work for has been shooting in the outer boroughs this week, and while I probably didn't overload the way I would have in the past, I'm concerned that I won't register a loss this week. But I still have a few days to change that, right?

Monday -- crazy big Korean seafood lunch in Queens -- I mean, BIG cauldrons of lobster, clams, octopus, mussels. I made myself do some yoga that night.

Tuesday -- ack -- soul food in the Bronx. Ribs, BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, sweet potatoes. Then later, a chicken patty from a Jamaican place. BUT then that night I ran 5.3 miles on the treadmill... has to count for something, right?

Wednesday, today -- Grimaldi's pizza in Brooklyn, one of the best. Later, two authentic Mexican tacos in Bushwick (still Brooklyn). Thought about going to the gym, but was too sleepy.

Speaking of... MUST get to bed soon so I can do a pre-work workout. Not easy for me, as I'm so not a morning person, but I have to make the attempt if the scale is going to move down this week. Then after work, a work-related cocktail / appetizer thing at a New Zealand restaurant.

I love my job, but it's not easy to lose weight while I have these shoot days! Luckily, only a few more shoot days this month.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 1 wrapup: down 3.4 lbs!!

Yay! I had a feeling my weight would be down, but I wasn't anticipating 3.4 lbs!! Big happy dance!

I can't help but think that part of it is because my weight was especially high last week due to mid-cycle bloating ... or heavier clothes... or... whatever. Anyway, I'll take it! And now the challenge: to keep this ball rolling.

I have a challenging week ahead -- as I've mentioned before, I work for a food / travel TV show. (if you want to know which one, write to me separately... I don't want any searches for the show bringing people back here). I'm going to be scouting in Queens and Staten Island tomorrow... then shooting in the Bronx and Brooklyn Tues and Wed. Will be around amazing, tempting food the whole time.

My game plan: have a healthy, protein-filled breakfast before heading out. Don't stress out about lunch during the shoot -- just try to make good choices. (eg, I do NOT need to eat a Jamaican beef patty again... I tried it last week when I was scouting, and yes, I know it's good -- but they're also 10 - 12 pts each!) Then a healthy dinner, and hopefully the gym each night.

This week's goal: gym 4 - 5 times. And keep tracking points, no matter how high they get. (I tend to use avoidance when it comes to this)

Any words of advice are welcome!