Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 1 wrapup: down 3.4 lbs!!

Yay! I had a feeling my weight would be down, but I wasn't anticipating 3.4 lbs!! Big happy dance!

I can't help but think that part of it is because my weight was especially high last week due to mid-cycle bloating ... or heavier clothes... or... whatever. Anyway, I'll take it! And now the challenge: to keep this ball rolling.

I have a challenging week ahead -- as I've mentioned before, I work for a food / travel TV show. (if you want to know which one, write to me separately... I don't want any searches for the show bringing people back here). I'm going to be scouting in Queens and Staten Island tomorrow... then shooting in the Bronx and Brooklyn Tues and Wed. Will be around amazing, tempting food the whole time.

My game plan: have a healthy, protein-filled breakfast before heading out. Don't stress out about lunch during the shoot -- just try to make good choices. (eg, I do NOT need to eat a Jamaican beef patty again... I tried it last week when I was scouting, and yes, I know it's good -- but they're also 10 - 12 pts each!) Then a healthy dinner, and hopefully the gym each night.

This week's goal: gym 4 - 5 times. And keep tracking points, no matter how high they get. (I tend to use avoidance when it comes to this)

Any words of advice are welcome!

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  1. great job on the WI! i too droppd 3 this week:) one thing that might help with your crazy week is to take some type of bars (granola, clif, fiber one, etc.) with you on the road. that way you can stop being overly hungry before you go somewhere to eat where you might be too tempted. also, snack puddings are only 1 pt and will stay cold in your purse. good luck this week:)