Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tomorrow will be my first WI since re-joining WW last Sunday... I'm really nervous. Even though I did well most of the week and worked out 4 times, I feel like I ate too much last night and today. Points went WAY out the window both days.

I had a few "good" moments: at dinner last night (at Miranda, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn -- the owners are lovely, and the food is excellent!) -- I managed to take only half a piece of focaccia from the bread service, rather than several pieces. My friend and I shared apps and mains, and passed on dessert.

Then today -- I had lunch with a friend at Ippudo, one of many new ramen restaurants in the east village. Man, it was delicious! Big bowls of perfect ramen -- unfortunately, unlike many other ramen places, this was super-heavy on the noodles, and light on the veg. I didn't realize how full I was until I walked home.

THEN tonight, I had a few friends over for dinner. Lots of baby carrots and hummus. A pretty healthy spinach salad, with this dressing. Brilliant! I don't recall seeing many other salad dressings in a pump bottle, but it made me think, WHY don't I see this more often??! Oh, then after the salad, some leftover moussaka and pastries my friend Lisa brought.

Anyway. Trying to balance my foodiness with WW -- I think I just need to start cooking more.

By the way, if you have a weight loss blog, or just any stories to share -- please do comment! I love hearing about your successes, what works, what doesn't ... and just a little bit about you!

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