Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snacky-monster, desserts, workout

Started off great -- same breakfast as yesterday -- my new favorite breakfast of whole wheat toast*, hard boiled egg whites and Laughing Cow cheese -- 4 pts. *the bread I'm using is this hearty Balthazar bread -- I have 2 huge loaves of it in my freezer, and I'm waiting to use it up before I go out and buy WW or other low-point bread.

By the afternoon, I was in a hella-PMSy mood -- all I wanted to do was snack! Luckily, I only had healthy stuff around: had a 2-pt bag of WW multigrain crisps... an apple ... some grapes... I also have a big bag of Baked Lay's in my desk drawer and checked out the label: 10 chips = 2 pts. I opted for ONE single chip, and made it last! (I know, I should just get rid of those to avoid temptation)

AND... this was big for me: I had a potluck dinner party on Sat (the day before I started WW), and had all these fabulous leftover homemade desserts in my fridge. Brought them into the office today, and resisted temptation to have any... until there was just one bite of berry crumble left, so I gave in to that. The "old" me would have had a piece of each, and would have kept picking away all day.

Another thing to be proud of: I knew I had to go to the gym tonight, but was feeling super-lazy. Even procrastinated leaving the office. But I finally did it! I did a one-hour iScupt session -- I really need to start working out with weights more, and I know I'm going to feel this tomorrow.

I've done WW on and off many times over the past 10 years -- each time I was truly successful with it (maybe 2-3 times?) it was because I had a new "gimmick". The first time it was just the whole points system, and the "newness" of it... another time it was because I had the community boards on the WW website, and the accountability that brought.

This time? I feel like it's this blog! I WANT to see that little dragonfly (up above) fly to the right! This is the first time I've started to check out other people's WW blogs, and I'm inspired by their little flying scales, flowers, etc!

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  1. hey diane, i just joined the goal 125/130 on ww community boards and i thought i would check out your blog. this is a great idea! i'll be reading it to get some good ideas as we are in the same boat.