Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good workout / day one

I did it! Had a successful first day back on WW -- 19 points. Especially proud of myself since I have a fridge full of fabulous food, leftover from a potluck dinner party last night. I froze whatever I could, and am taking my time eating the rest -- eg, lunch was one cup of pasta with pesto, to which I added a boatload of broccoli.

AND I dragged myself to the gym -- on a day like this when I have no other plans, I find that I sit around in my gym clothes all day. Finally got myself to go to the gym at 8:30 pm. Yay, did 57 minutes on the treadmill, resulting in 5.1 miles. Will do a shorter run tomorrow, but add weight training. If you've never done it before, iTrain is a godsend.

So far I've managed to resist the leftover homemade fabulous desserts in the fridge: carrot cake, apple cake and a berry crumble. Might have to donate those to the office tomorrow.

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