Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 2

I just took a few "before" pics... will get around to (reluctantly) posting them soon. I recall hearing from people who were successful with their weight loss that they'd wished they had taken before pics, so they could see how far they had come. Soon.

Yay for day two OP! Except that I'm not feeling so proud of my workout tonight -- I ran 5 miles yesterday and was a bit achy today. Decided to take a break from running, and took a pilates class. I've only taken pilates once before -- that last time, it was a challenging class. This one wasn't. Still, it's better than nothing, right?

I know, I could have exercised more afterwards -- but I hadn't eaten much today, and was hungry and just wanted to get home to eat. Will have to make sure I have some almonds or something an hour or so before the gym so that doesn't happen again.

Tomorrow won't be easy: I work for a food / travel TV show, and I'm going scouting in the Bronx, including a place that supposedly has amazing Jamaican beef patties. I LOVE those... but not sure it's worth the 10 - 12 points each. Hm, I wonder if I have the willpower to just take one bite...?

Question for anyone reading this: do you reward yourself regularly for your losses? One time I was on WW I made a list of non-food rewards I'd give myself for every 5 lbs lost: a bunch of flowers, a new workout top, a pedicure. Need to come up with a new list! Suggestions?

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