Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holy crap! HELLOOOOooo 130s!

I was NOT expecting this today!

According to my home scale, I was 141 this morning -- I thought if the scale was the same at the WW center, I'd be perfectly happy with that. That would mean a 2 lb loss this week, despite not-perfect eating (though I did have four good workouts this week).

Nope -- different numbers at the WW meeting. Rather than the 141 I was expecting, I weighed in at 139.8 -- a loss of 3.2 this week! (huh??!!!) Total loss of 6.6 lbs in the past two weeks -- holy cow! I am THRILLED with this!

I know, I know... I can't keep expecting to lose 3 lbs each week, and I have to accept that it will probably slow down soon. As long as I can keep losing at least a pound a week, I'll be happy.

In today's meeting, one of the other members was bummed that he gained .4 this week -- but overall, he was down about 12 lbs. The leader reminded him to look at the big picture -- but I can understand how disappointing that would be. You want that constant visual encouragement in your little WW book.

Another challenging week ahead - more food shoots. Back to that Korean seafood restaurant in Queens - it's all steamed seafood, so it's not so bad. Instead of butter for your lobster, they have chili paste and kimchi -- healthy.

Then to this food mall in Flushing -- I am SO excited to try the lamb burgers, halfway down:

Then to some cool hipster-type place in Williamsburg -- may or may not eat there, depending on how busy it is.

Would love to hear your stories! How are you doing this week? Care to share any success stories, challenges, tips?

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