Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fell off the wagon -- back up to 141

Oh harrumph... I was going to blog a few days ago about feeling lazy about WW this week, but was too lazy to even do that much. As a result of this week's wagon-falling: I gained 1.2 lbs.

I knew it would be a tough week, as I had two shoot days that would involve eating at a Korean restaurant, some Chinese food stalls, and a locavore-type place in Williamsburg. But then again... I had two shoot days last week as well, and still managed to lose weight. The difference: last week I got in 5 workouts, and this week, only one.

There were even two nights this week when I was fully set to go to the gym -- on one night, I even had my gym clothes on! -- but still flaked out. Was very angry with myself... last week, I had that same feeling of wanting to flake out on the gym, but went anyway.

A friend just joined WW today, and we'll be going to meetings together, so hopefully that will be encouraging. And it turns out that a guy acquaintance also goes to the same Sat 11:30 am meeting. We all went for a healthy brunch after the meeting today, and helped calculate each others points.

Wish me luck! Would love your tips... what do you do when you don't feel like tracking, or going to the gym? What keeps you motivated?

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  1. When I don't feel like tracking, I don't track. But I also quickly spiral out of control, so I get back to "feeling like tracking" ASAP! It's probably one of the top 3 things that I know I need to do to be successful. Sometimes if you change how you track that could help. You have eTools, the paper book, the PDA/iPhone app, even just keeping track of the numbers somewhere (without writing the food itself). As for the gym, I think the feeling of self satisfaction, challenging myself on the machines, and knowing I do not EVER want to be the lazy person I used to be is my biggest motivator. In fact, I'm heading out right now! Have a good night.