Thursday, August 11, 2011

BACK to the drawing board!

It's kind of crazy that I haven't even peeked at this blog in nearly two years! It was meant to be a countdown to age 40 -- I was going to get in kick-ass shape in the two months before that happened.

I'm now 41 -- and will be 42 in November. That's about 3 months / 14 weeks away. I recently hit my highest weight EVER of 150.8, and am doing my damnedest to nip that in the bud! (or butt, as the case may be).

NEW goal: to lose 17 lbs by then, and hit 130. I've already started with 3.8 lbs -- hopefully a bit more, after tomorrow's weigh-in! I'm newly inspired and I'm really really really doing it this time -- for good.

A little history on me: I was a pretty skinny kid, and it was easy to stay that way, since I was a picky eater. I became much more open to trying new foods once I went to college -- so much so that the freshman 15 was more like 20. I hit my highest weight at the time of 138. (ha - and to think, 138 is almost thin for me these days!)

The summer after my freshman year, I went on a crash diet -- I lived on nothing but a bran muffin a day (I made it last allll day), and did up to two hours of hard-core aerobics per day. I know -- crazy. I went from 138 to 117 that summer, and was thrilled with the way I looked.

Throughout the rest of my college years, my weight stayed in the 120s. Normal, but I was never really happy with it -- I never really felt "thin".

In my 20s, my weight gradually crept up -- I did Weight Watchers for the first time in 1999 at age 29, inspired by a co-worker's weight loss. It had never occurred to me to try Weight Watchers before. I remember my sister trying it as a teenager, and it seemed like a program for very obese people.

Well -- I went to my first WW meeting in Jan 1999 at 141 lbs -- by that April, I had reached 128, and was thrilled with the program, results, everything. I know 13 lbs may not seem like a lot of weight, but at 5'4", it can make a huge difference.

Throughout my 30s, I did WW on and off, as my weight yo-yo'd. I got my dream job at age 32, working for a food / travel TV series. (I'm still working for this show -- I'd rather not say the name here, since I don't want searches bringing people here -- but if you'd really like to know, email me privately).

Long work days + being surrounded by lots of amazing food + not a lot of time to work out = a formula for weight gain. Or - that's the excuse. I'm on the road *maybe* a week out of every six weeks or so -- which leaves 5 weeks in between to work on healthy eating habits, exercise, etc. And even when I'm traveling -- sure, I can try the amazing meatballs, but I have to remember that ONE taste will suffice, as opposed to 10 tastes. Or 20.

As I mentioned -- I hit 150.8 this winter. I can't even recall what my "aha!" moment was -- I just knew that being in the 150s was unacceptable to me. I went back to WW back in May -- only half-stuck with it throughout the early part of the summer -- and have been fully on board since July 14. And I'm loving it, and loving the way I'm feeling.

Every time I've done WW and did well, it was always something specific:
* the first time, it was just the novelty of it all, and the fun of counting points -- it was like a game.
* another time, it was having the support of the community boards on the WW website
* this time: I got an iPhone for the first time a few weeks ago -- and am SO in love with the WW app! It's almost like a buddy to me! (and -- I just found a new group on the WW website -- will get to know them a bit more, and will maybe "introduce" them here!)

Thanks for reading -- and thanks in advance for any words of support you may have, advice, stories, etc!

Next time: pictures! And details on tomorrow's weigh-in!

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