Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday WI, then challenging weekend.

Good news from this past Friday!

Starting weight: 152.8
Friday WI: 142.2!
This week's loss: 2.8 lbs!!
Total loss: 10.6 lbs! Yes!

What an amazing, amazing feeling! I'm actually starting to see a difference when I look in the mirror -- I feel like I'm getting my old self back -- it's been a while since I've seen her!

Well -- then I had a rather challenging weekend. I belong to a Fire Island share house -- one that happens to be very foodie-centric. Lots of good cooks abound... and lots of great food. (as well as junk food always lying around -- but there's also always fresh fruit on hand...)

Looking back on the weekend, I made some good and some not-so-good choices:

* not tracking
* giving into chocolate French toast this morning, when I had planned to make egg whites
* not going for my usual morning runs there
* eating *some* chips, M&Ms and chocolate-covered blueberries

* occasionally making smart choices: both days for lunch, I opted for a flaxseed wrap with hummus, feta and lots of veggies -- this was while someone was grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers (trust me, I was tempted!)
* they weren't vigorous workouts, but I walked on the beach for about a half-hour yesterday, swam for a bit, then biked about 40 minutes today
* I didn't eat as much junk as I would have in the past... and I kept a bowl of cherries nearby, and noshed on those in between chips
* I didn't drink all that much -- that, I find easy to cut down.
* got very excited over a few AMAZING, perfect plums -- they were heaven! A thousand times better than chips or candy could ever be.

I need to remind myself: it's a new day, and there's still time for me to register a loss (or, stay the same) in time for this Friday's meeting.

This week's goal: to work out before work for the next four days, Mon - Thurs. (Any combo of running, biking, yoga or Insanity.) Track everything. Plan. Deal with the imminent challenges: a few nights out with friends, dinner with my parents.

Especially: get to bed early so I can actually do those early-morning workouts!

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