Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The challenges of eating out. And dealing with hurricanes.

First -- last Friday's weigh-in:

Starting weight: 152.8
Friday WI: 142.6
This week's gain: .4
Total loss: 10.2

Not terrible -- I realize that I can't always expect to see a loss. And I suspected that last week's awesome 2.8 lb loss may have partially been a "false loss" -- that is, especially low because I had, well, spent a lot of time in the bathroom the day before (not induced! It was merely something I ate...).

Then came the mad rush to stock up on provisions in light of the incoming Hurricane Irene. Lots of people were posting their shopping pictures of Facebook -- lots of beer, wine, Doritos. I was determined to NOT make this an excuse to overeat. I bought lots of salad stuff, fruit, and other healthy ingredients. I worked out -- an indoor "Insanity" workout. That night, I had a few local friends over for dinner -- made a healthy dinner. Drank too much wine, but didn't overeat (much).

Then last night, on a date, I drank too much wine -- again. Today I vowed that I wasn't going to drink again til the weekend, even though I have after-work plans every night this week.

Then tonight -- out to dinner with a work contact. She wanted to check out a new restaurant that specializes in dim sum. The problem with ordering lots of small plates is that, when you have those small portions and a lot of variety, it's too easy to overeat. I didn't realize how stuffed I was til I got home. (but... I stuck to my vow, and didn't drink!)

It's only Tuesday night... if I really watch my points, I can still see a loss by this Friday -- that is, if I also work out tomorrow and Thursday.

This weekend I'm off to Fire Island for the long weekend. Then next week, I have two days of shoots, in four restaurants. Long days -- it's NOT easy to keep healthy eating habits in this situation. Will have to do my best!

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