Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long overdue update!

Current weight: 140
Total lost: 12.8 lbs
Loss since last blog post, two months ago: 2.6 lbs

Wow! I haven't posted here in over two months! Starting TODAY, I need to make a more conscious effort to really, really do this. Part of this is getting my thoughts down, really assessing my actions, and thinking about the best way to really tackle this weight loss.

September was challenging. Work was really starting to heat up, and I just lost my momentum. Had small gains two weeks in a row.

Then in October, I went to Croatia for work. I knew I wouldn't be tracking points there, but really wanted to enjoy the local cheese, olive oil, lamb and wine -- without overdoing it.

A funny thing happened there: I just didn't have much of an appetite - and I ALWAYS have an appetite! There would be times I'd be around this gorgeous pasta, these fantastic anchovies... and I'd only be able to muster a few bites. Maybe it was stress, who knows -- but I was actually pretty thrilled about it!

** I did go running three times while in Croatia -- and even got my iPhone Cycle Meter to work on one run, even though I didn't have a local cell signal. That meant that one evening in Zadar, I was finishing my run and was approaching the hotel, when I checked my distance: 4.75 miles. Well, I couldn't do that, and not do 5 miles! I wound up getting a bit lost, and ended up doing 5.56 miles -- I was so proud of myself!

As a result of the lack of appetite and occasional running, my next weigh-in (Oct 21) showed a loss of 3.6 lbs over 3 weeks, down to 139.4 -- nice! What a fabulous feeling! Not only did I lose weight ... but I finally moved down into the next weight bracket, the 130s! Finally!

Then there was last week. I didn't track 100%, went out to eat too much... and was up .6, up to 140. Huge harrumph.

Next weigh-in is tomorrow morning. I'd love to be back in the 130s, but need to accept that if it's not this week, it'll be soon after. I had really hoped to be down to 135 by my birthday later this month -- even if that doesn't happen, I'll be happy if it happens by my birthday "observed" -- I'm having a big birthday party on December 3rd, one month from today.

Just one potential challenge: I'm going to Japan a week from today, and will be there for 10 days. Japanese food tends to be on the healthy side, but I already know I'm going to be really busy, and won't have much time to work out. Will just have to do my best.

And I'll absolutely have to get more consistent about blogging here!

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