Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'm still feeling really excited and giddy overall about Friday's 2 lb loss, and about WW in general! It's only been 5.8 lbs so far, but I feel like I'm already seeing a little bit of a change in my body -- which is getting me excited about seeing even more of a change. I feel like I really CAN do this... and I AM doing this!

In recent years, I've gotten really into biking. Not fancy / sleek / roadbiking / racing kind of biking -- more like biking on a hybrid / tooling around the city / let's get tacos in the Rockaways kind of biking. I love it -- it's a fabulous way to explore the city.

I did a really fun ride yesterday with the Five Borough Bike Club - my mileage came out to 58.67 miles -- not bad! Starting at Columbus Circle, we biked up to and around the Bronx, meandering through some fabulous parks (I especially loved Soundview Park) over to City Island for lunch (I chose the sauteed shrimp -- a better choice than the fried shrimp I had there a month ago!), then back through the hills of Riverdale.

Good incentive to get in shape over the next few weeks -- there's a few long-distance rides that I'm planning to do:
* Sun, Sept 18: TA Century Ride – shooting for 75 miles. Aiming to be 140 by that time.

* Sun, Sept 25: Twin Lights Bike ride – 55 or 75. Goal weight for that week: 139

* Sun, Oct 2: MS Bike Ride – 50 miles. Goal weight for that week: 138

The goal weights are based on losing an average of a pound a week between now and then. I have some challenging work projects coming up in September -- I'm hoping this will really be seared into my brain by that time, and I'll make it through without gaining.

Speaking of work -- this is the inspirational blog of Jen, the woman from work who first told me about WW back in 1999. She has not only lost an impressive amount of weight -- she's also a marathon runner! Go, Jen!

Oh - I said I'd post pictures. Here we go. I'm nervous about this.

Bought this as an incentive bikini recently - it hasn't been out in public yet.

*Starting* to see some waist definition.... but still back rolls.

If the pics seem a bit dark, it's because I took them with my iPhone -- I lost my camera to a glass of sangria on July 4th weekend (don't ask!), and I have yet to buy a new one.

The bulk of my weight is in my midsection. It's been a very very VERY long time since I've had a flat stomach, and I'm psyched to get back there!

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