Sunday, September 27, 2009

56 days away!

There's no excuse -- I'm disappointed in myself. I've barely worked out this past month, partially because work was absolutely, completely insane -- Hudson Valley shoot, with many scout days leading up to the shoot. I let myself be swallowed up in it, without looking at the big picture, especially the promise that I made to myself to look as kick-ass as I can by 40.

Well -- it's a new day!

I think I lost part of my momentum because when the ChaLean Extreme finally arrived, it wasn't complete -- I had ordered the deluxe version, which comes with the exercise bands (to be used in lieu of weights), and was sent the standard version (DVDs only, no bands). I called to complain, and was told that an entirely new set would be sent to me.

It never arrived, and in the weeks that followed, I got sucked into work, and never bothered calling to follow up. Finally, this weekend, as work lifted somewhat, I emailed the customer service department -- so, hopefully it'll come soon.

In the past, any time I've been successful with losing weight and / or getting in shape, it was because I had something new to excite me, be it Weight Watchers (and later, the online community boards with their challenges), or just a matter of having time off from work to bike and rollerblade every day.

This time, I was excited about the CHX program -- but til that comes, I just discovered something new tonight! I was a couch potato most of the day, meaning to do a yoga workout (the iTrain yoga that I've done many times before, and was rather bored with) -- as I was scrolling through the channels, I came across the Fit TV channel. Holy cow -- one workout program after the other! I immediately starting DVR-ing a few.

I actually motivated myself to do a rather high-impact half-hour cardio workout at 9:30 pm, followed by a more mellow bellydance workout. I got so excited by this that I'm actually writing this even before I hop in the shower. I'm going to try to motivate myself to get up early tomorrow and do one of the Gilad workouts -- now that would be impressive!

So - I "lost" the last month of workouts, but I still have just under two months until I turn 40 -- I can still make an impressive difference in that time! 56 days to go. This morning I was about 141, have been averaging about 140 lately. Will do an "official" weigh-in for the week tomorrow.

I'm back!!

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