Sunday, August 30, 2009

85 days and counting...

85 days til I turn 40. That's 85 chances to do something great for my body to look as kick-ass and confident as I can! (actually, the number of chances are infinite, but this is more lyrical).

Time for a run. I made the mistake of overeating like crazy not once, but TWICE, this weekend:
1. dinner party on Friday night -- crabs (healthy), but I went back for *thirds* on the fabulous mac & cheese. Oy.
2. bday dinner for a friend at Pipa last night. It's way too easy to go overboard on the tapas. Let's just say that my stomach protested in a big way -- rather than hanging out for pool and ping pong after, I had to dash home to be near a bathroom. Annoying.

My ChaLEAN workout still hasn't arrived in the mail, but I'm trying to prep myself for it. Did 40 minutes of iTrain yoga yesterday (my muscles are feeling it a bit today), and getting ready to go out for a one-hour run now.

Go go go!!!

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